Investigation of the unsteady features of different rotor/stator cavities using LES / 2016

Jeudi 10 mars à 11h00 (petit amphi M2P2 Château Gombert)

Thibault Bridel-Bertomeu


The flow in an enclosed rotating cavity is investigated numerically using Large Eddy Simulation. Three distinct configurations are presented to study separately the impact of the aspect ratio and the mean curvature of the cavity on the natural response of the base rotor/stator flow. The results yield by an entire suite of diagnostics are presented and discussed in order to identify the structures constituent of the visible flow patterns or frequencies spotted using pointwise Fourier analyses. Complementarily to the classical study of the boundary layers behaviour, the macro-structures developing in the homogeneous core of the cavity flow are also probed and are shown to be partly related to the instability of the boundary layers.