Propositions de contrats Post-Doctoral

Le M2P2 recrute, tout au long de l'année, des post-doctorants en CDD (contrats temporaires de chercheur) dans le cadre des projets de recherche du laboratoire.

Le recrutement post-doctoral sur contrat est destiné aux jeunes docteurs pour leur permettre de :

  • réaliser une mobilité dans le cadre de leur formation
  • d'acquérir une expérience complémentaire de recherche
  • se préparer à un recrutement ultérieur dans une entreprise ou dans un laboratoire académique


  • 2 years - Postdoctoral position in Bioprocesses development

    Hydrogen appears to be a very promising energy vector and its production by fermentation, from the organic fraction of effluents, constitutes a way of recovering industrial waste. However, the development of this process within the water treatment sectors remains limited by two main bottlenecks: the control of the bacterial ecosystem and the conversion rate of the organic load, which is often insufficient to meet the environmental discharge requirements. In order to finalize the treatment and maximize the recovery of the effluent, the coupling of several biological processes
    allowing the production of hydrogen and other recoverable molecules (VFA) is interesting in a circular economy approach.
    In this context, this funded project "CAP-H2" aims to remove these limitations through a multi-scale interdisciplinary approach (from lab to demonstrator) in order to propose criteria for controlling these processes based on (i) the study of bacterial interactions and their impact on the productivity of the ecosystem and (ii) the optimization of the parameters of the coupled process.
    The post-doctoral researcher selected will work within the Waste and Wastewater Treatment (TED) group of the M2P2 laboratory. The TED group conducts research in Process Engineering applied to the recovery of wastewater at the interface between the fundamental developments of academic research and industrial concerns for innovation in the development of processes. The laboratory has multi-scale experimental equipment allowing to carry out studies from the laboratory scale to the pilot scale. This project is carried out in collaboration with Athéna Recherche & Innovation, a company specialized in the production of hydrogen by biological means.

    Job description

    The successful candidate will be in charge of operating lab scale bioreactors for hydrogen or PHA production in the aim of determining the key parameters. Then the coupling of these reactor will be studied and optimized in terms of usual parameters (hydrodynamics, pH, HRT, etc). The determination of key process parameters is the innovative issue for an efficient carbon recovery of wastewater.
    The candidate will ensure the tight interaction between academic and industrial partners. He/she will have to :
    - Propose the experimental planning in agreement with his/her supervisor
    - Conduct fermentations experiments at lab scale
    - Analyze the results and communicate them in the expected format

    Skills and qualifications of the candidate

    PhD in bioprocess engineering
    Knowledge of analysis techniques (chromatography, biochemical analysis, etc)
    Strong communication and organizational skills
    Good English skills are required

    The position is available starting in January 2023 for a duration of 24 months. The candidate will be based at M2P2, Aix en Provence (13).
    Applicants should send as soon as possible CV, summary of previous research and contact addresses of two references to:

    Audrey Soric : audrey.soric[at]


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