4th French/Belgian OpenFOAM® users conference

June 12th and 13th, 2019 | Marseille | France
M2P2 laboratory, Polytech Marseille, Foam-Utilisateurs (the French OpenFOAM® users group) and the Belgian OpenFOAM® users group are pleased to invite you to the french/belgian conference of OpenFOAM® users. For the fourth year in a row, this event aims to bring together OpenFOAM® users as well as those interested in potential applications of the software. People from academia and industry are invited to present advances in their relevant research and development fields exchanging ideas and information in an interdisciplinarity environment. This conference will provide an ideal opportunity to develop new collaborations and to meet experts.

Organizing Commitee

  • Aymeric Lamorlette – Aix-Marseille University
  • Elena Rosu – M2P2/LMA
  • Lilla Kapa Koloszár – VKI – Brussel
  • Julien Reveillon – University of Rouen Normandie
  • David Uystepruist – University of Valenciennes
  • François Beaubert – University of Valenciennes

For any information, please contact :  contact@foam-u.fr

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Wednesday 12/06/2019

10:00-10:30 | Registration desk opens
10:30-10:50 | Welcome addresses
10:50-11:10 | Jérôme Hélie (Continental) – 3-Phase Solver for Simulation of Cavitation and Atomization
11:10-11:30 | Talib Dbouk (IMT Lille Douai) – Buoyancy-driven instability of immersed granular bed of micro-particles
11:30-11:50 | Ben Ali Mohamed Yacine (INRIA) – Data assimilation methodology for reconstruction of mean flow around buildings
11:50-12:10 | Zhang Kai (AMU) – Effect of a configuration space {Nc, CdLAI} on the regime transition of wildland fires
12:10-12:30 | Gamet Lionel (IFPEN) – PLIC-RDF methods for VoF applications : How to reduce drastically spurious currents
12:30-12:50 | Li Zhaobin (EC Nantes) – Coupling OpenFOAM and open source potential wave theory codes for naval and offshore applications
Lunch Break
14:00-14:50 | Cyprien Soulaine (BRGM) – OpenFOAM and Geosciences
14:50-15:10 | Antoine Mathieu (LEGI) – Eulerian-Eulerian two-phase flow Large Eddy Simulation of dilute suspended load: development of sub-grid models

15:10-15:30 | Leroy Benjamin (IconCFD) – Make the most of the cloud for your DOE applied to CFD (CloudPerfect EU Project)

15:30-15:50 | Campos Francisco (ENGYS) – Current CFD Developments at ENGYS
15:50-16:10  | Coppalle Alexis (CORIA) – Impinging flames on a flat wall: temperature and heat flux calculations with OpenFoam
16:10-16:30 | Lahaye Domenico (TU Delft) – Parallel Preconditioned Krylov Methods in OpenFOAM
17:00 – 22:00 | Social event

Thursday 13/06/2019

09:00-09:30 | Pons Frédéric (OpenCascade) – Presentation of SALOME an Open Source integration platform for numerical simulation

09:30-9:50 | Shaguene Julien (Artelia Group) – Use of OpenFOAM for free surface flows
09:50-10:10 | Pozzobon Victor (Centrale-Supelec) – Photobioreactor upscaling: a focus on perceived light frequencies
10:10-10:30 | Lecocq Guillaume (INERIS) – Design of a medium-scale vented explosion experiment with OpenFoam
10:30-10:50 | Laurent Orgogozo (GET) – Coupled heat and water transfers in permafrost: a case study in Central Siberia
Coffee Break
11:30-12:20 |Clarenc Tristan (ZephyScience) – Investigating the use of the consistent formulation of the SIMPLE algorithm in ZephyTOOLS – advantages and drawbacks
12:20-12:40 | Batlle Martin Marc (LOMC) – Numerical simulation of breaking wave impact on a vertical wall
12:40-13:00 | Scala Marco (IFPEN) – VoF Simulation of G/L flows with isoAdvector inside the SMX static mixer
Lunch Break
14:00-14:20 | Jean-Baptiste Portzer (M2P2) – Application of the Immersed Frontiers method to the Swirl Forcing resulting from the aerodynamic interaction between two profiles
14:20-14:40 | Constant Eddy – (RTech) – OpenFoam developpements for Aerospace applications
14:40-15:00 | Rivola Vincent (IconCFD) – Evaluation of a new transsonic solver
15:00-15:20 | Sassanis Vasileios (IFPEN) – Towards the simulation of reactive fixed beds
15:20-15:40 | Chauchat Julien (LEGI) – Upscaling granular processes in sediment transport models
15:45 | Conference End

16:00-17:00 | Foam-Utilisateurs general assembly