A Study of Two High Intensity Fires across Corsican Shrubland

This paper reports two experimental fires conducted at field-scale in Corsica, across a particular mountain shrubland. The orientation of the experimental plots was chosen in such a way that the wind was aligned along the main slope direction in order to obtain a high intensity fire. The first objective was to study the high intensity fire behavior by evaluating the propagation conditions related to its speed and intensity, as well as the geometry of the fire front and its impact on different targets. Therefore, an experimental protocol was designed to determine the properties of the fire spread using UAV cameras and its impact using heat flux gauges. Another objective was to study these experiments numerically using a fully physical fire model, namely FireStar3D. Numerical results concerning the fire dynamics, particularly the ROS, were also compared to other predictions of the FireStar2D model. The comparison with experimental measurements showed the robustness of the 3D approach with a maximum difference of 5.2% for the head fire ROS. The fire intensities obtained revealed that these experiments are representative of high intensity fires, which are very difficult to control in the case of real wildfires. Other parameters investigated numerically (flame geometry and heat fluxes) were also in fairly good agreement with the experimental measurements and confirm the capacity of FireStar3D to predict surface fires of high intensity.

Jacky Fayad, Morandini Frédéric, Gilbert Accary, François-Joseph Chatelon, Clément Wandon, et al.. A Study of Two High Intensity Fires across Corsican Shrubland. Atmosphere, 2023, ⟨10.3390/atmos14030473⟩. ⟨hal-04007587⟩

Journal: Atmosphere

Date de publication: 27-02-2023

  • Jacky Fayad
  • Morandini Frédéric
  • Gilbert Accary
  • François-Joseph Chatelon
  • Clément Wandon
  • Antoine Burglin
  • Lucile Rossi
  • Thierry Marcelli
  • Dominique Cancellieri
  • Valérie Cancellieri
  • Dominique Morvan
  • Sofiane Meradji
  • Antoine Pieri
  • Gilles Planelles
  • Patrice Briot
  • Jean-Louis Rossi

Digital object identifier (doi): http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/atmos14030473

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