A Lattice-Boltzmann study of premixed flames thermo-acoustic instabilities

We present possibly for the first time Lattice-Boltzmann numerical simulations of thermo-acoustic instabilities of premixed flames. We study flames interacting with an imposed acoustic field where flames submitted to a parametric instability can be observed, as well as plane flames re-stabilized by the acoustic forcing. Self-induced thermo-acoustic oscillations of flames propagating in narrow channels are also studied, indicating an unexpected dependency with the channel width. For both excited and self-excited flames, results confirm that Lattice-Boltzmann method can capture the complex coupling between flame dynamics and acoustics.

Karthik Bhairapurada, Bruno Denet, Pierre Boivin. A Lattice-Boltzmann study of premixed flames thermo-acoustic instabilities. Combustion and Flame, 2022, 240, pp.112049. ⟨hal-03582162⟩

Journal: Combustion and Flame

Date de publication: 21-02-2022

  • Karthik Bhairapurada
  • Bruno Denet
  • Pierre Boivin

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