Membrane separations

Developed in collaboration with TONIC team, this theme concerns the modeling of barometric membrane separations.

Membrane channel representation
It includes the experimental study, modeling and simulation of transport phenomena. This work is supported in close synergy with the applied aspects of ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

In addition to classical nanofiltration and reverse osmosis experiments, we have carried out an experimental study of transfer mechanisms within the membrane to determine the solute solubility of a membrane.
Comparison between experimental results and numerical simulations

Modeling is developed through the search for analytical solutions and the development of a numerical code. Numerically, we are developing the coupling of hydrodynamic and material transfer transport phenomena, while integrating the influence of concentration polarization, osmotic pressure and clogging. 
Comparison with experimental results shows that this model performs particularly well in predicting permeate flux and retention rate.

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