Chemical Engineering

In the field of Chemical Engineering, research concerns the active development of innovative processes as well as the study of the obstacles involved in these processes.  

Membrane processes are studied with a focus on their implication in the treatment of water and effluents and their development in the purification of high added value molecules.  

The processes using supercritical fluids represent an alternative to the use of organic solvents.  The processes in supercritical medium studied at the M2P2 Laboratory are numerous: extraction and fractionation, elaboration of controlled release systems (generation of powders and encapsulation, impregnation) or sterilization. The main application sectors are pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumery, food processing, materials and energy.   

Water and Waste Treatment is an axis of the laboratory in which a global and integrated approach of the water and waste cycle is developed. This approach is based on the study, design and development of processes - biological, physicochemical and/or thermal - for the treatment and valorisation of water and waste, as well as specific tools related to these complex problems (rheology, micro-calorimetry, simulation-optimisation, ...).