Transport Properties and Metrology
Jean Philippe Bonnet

The "Transport Properties and Metrology" axis works on 3 distinct, but fundamentally interconnected, subjects relating to the "metrology" and "transfer" aspects of membranes:

Gas permeametry: the aim is to link transport properties to the structure of membranes through which gas flows. An experimental bench specifically designed for rarefied flow measurements has been set up in the laboratory. The data collected are processed using conventional and/or developed models.

Membrane filtration: the aim is to study membrane/solute interactions. The competition between charge and steric effects is observed in different configurations to determine the mechanisms to be taken into account in nanoscale matter transfers.

Metrology for membranes: the aim is to use existing state-of-the-art metrological tools to measure quantities that are not (or poorly...) measured in the field of membrane processes, given the very small scales on which the phenomena studied take place.

We are currently developing an original technique for instantaneous measurement of the heat flow involved in material transfer in Pervaporation.