Lattice-Boltzmann modeling of buoyancy-driven turbulent flows

The pressure-based hybrid lattice-Boltzmann method presented by Farag & al (Phys. Fluids 2020) is assessed for the simulation of buoyancy driven flows. The model is first validated on Rayleigh-Benard and Rayleigh-Taylor two-dimensional cases. A large-eddy simulation of a turbulent forced plume is then carried out, and results are validated against experiments. A good overall agreement is obtained, both for mean and fluctuations quantities, as well as global entertainment. The self-similarity character of the plume in the far-field is also recovered.

Mostafa Taha, Song Zhao, Aymeric Lamorlette, Jean-Louis Consalvi, Pierre Boivin. Lattice-Boltzmann modeling of buoyancy-driven turbulent flows. Physics of Fluids, 2022, ⟨10.1063/5.0088409⟩. ⟨hal-03661928⟩

Journal: Physics of Fluids

Date de publication: 06-05-2022

  • Mostafa Taha
  • Song Zhao
  • Aymeric Lamorlette
  • Jean-Louis Consalvi
  • Pierre Boivin

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